Smudge has launched a new project, Friends of the Pleistocene. FOP extends smudge's long-standing interest in art + environment with a twist of geologic time.

We welcome you to visit the project website to learn more and check the "news | repository" for frequent updates We also invite you become a Friend! We hope you'll follow us as this project takes us into deep time.
Hoping your new year is off to a creative and healthy start. And, see you in the Pleistocene!

Friends of the Pleistocene (FOP), founded in 002010. Friends of the Pleistocene is a research and communication design organization. We are dedicated to exploring the conjuncture between landscape and contemporary human activity at sites shaped by the geologic epoch of the Pleistocene (2.588 million to 10000 years BP, Before Present). Through our projects, we create contexts and speculative tools for humans to recalibrate their sense of place within the geologic timescale. As a FOP member, you can evolve new pathways of cognition and use them to sense, design, and act in accord with deep time.

In 2010, FOP will focus on Pleistocene Lakes in North America.

To learn more, visit the site:
news | respository:

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