Jarrod Beck's Migration Center opened yesterday at the Lawndale Art Center.

From Jarrod via the Landarts Listserve:
"Migration Center is a displaced built environment—beginning as a cast in place structure in the Mary E. Bawden Sculpture Garden, the project is contextualized and studied in the Lawndale Art Center’s room 317. Offsite, shards of glass from the remains of a previous installation were traced onto drafting film. These pieces were collaged with other materials from the deconstructed installation, and sewn or rolled into long pockets. Each pocket was filled with plaster, and after the curing process the films were removed, redrawn and used again as formwork. From the aggregate of many pieces, a field drawing is created. It will change over the course of the installation, and its pieces will be reused in the next Center project.
After traveling through the other Lawndale galleries, the visitor is offered a place of rest and contemplation in room 317. Skins from the casting process, in concert with a series of new drawings, fill one’s field of vision. Eyes trace this hanging terrain of map and making and see the exterior piece anew as one exits the art center. "

Lawndale Art Center
4912 Main Street
Houston, Texas

Exhibitions on view January 22 – February 27, 2010
Opening Reception January 22, 2010, 6:30 - 8:30 PM Artist talks at 6 PM

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