Medicine Lake in Plymouth Minnesota
Saturdays and Sundays (10am-5pm) January 16th - February 7th 2010

The Art Shanty Projects return to the frozen Medicine Lake in Plymouth Minnesota with exhibitions of performance, dance, video, science, architecture, and inter-active artistic and athletic feats. Expect innovation, intrigue, and caprice in an unpredictable environment. With 20 Shanties and 15 roving performances, this vibrant laboratory will engage audiences directly in a community space that is part art gallery, part art residency and part social experiment.
Bring your pet moves to the non-stop Dance Shanty, Swap your treasures, stories or songs at the Art Swap Shanty. Ditch your voluptuous parka—the sweltering Black Bania Shanty will render it a pest. Submit messages for public broadcast on the lake. Stay for impromptu films, hot tea, curiously breathing sculpture, an ArtCar parade, and a spectacular BIcicle race. Performances include architectural dance by the BodyCartography Project, Potter-Belmar Labs improvised cinema, and the return of the transmuted Peter + Patience puppets.

ASP is Free to the public.
ASP started in 2003 with one shanty out on Medicine Lake. Inspired by the tradition of ice fishing, ASP has been able to thrive and grow in scale with a unique blend of the familiar with an exciting and innovative art environment. The lines between visitor and artist blur, creating an accessible, engaging community.

Learn more here: Art Shanty Projects

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