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“Ollin Burial” by Yei Ehekatl is a long-term project that covers approximately 2 acres of the exhibition space at THE LAND/an art site in Mountainair, NM. “Ollin Burial” consists of 20 plots or “graves” arranged in a design that allows visitor to physically experience the various energies associated with each of the symbols of the Aztec Calendar by lying in the earth.

“Stone Score” by Lynne Hull blurs the boundary between conservation and art. Lynne has created a series of stone constructions based on the designs and research of Quivira Coalition hydrologist Bill Zeedyk. The purpose of these interventions is to restore the stability of incised stream channels or arroyos. By scientifically re-arranging the stones, the music of the arroyo is being re-written, creating a new stone score for the surrounding habitat.

“Dry River” by Basia Irland is about anticipating the flow of water in an arroyo that only runs a few times each year. Basia has created books from un-fired New Mexican clay and mud. The “texts” are written with seeds ready to be dispersed when the books dissolve. The books are on display in THE LAND/gallery, and will be strategically placed to sow their seeds into Lynne Hull’s “Stone Score”.

“October” by J.A. Lee is an environmental essay-installation at THE LAND/an art site in Mountainair, NM, which addresses ideas of “here” and “there” by way of a walk around the number 8. A related text piece brings a sampling of these ideas into the walled environment of THE LAND/gallery. And,

Reba Hasko and Joseph Angelo are presenting original recorded music and sound art at THE LAND/gallery constructed and influenced by sound at THE LAND.

Presented in conjunction with LAND/ART: A Collaborative Exploration of Land-Based Art in New Mexico

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