Lordy Rodriguez on Surface Depth: Nevada Museum of Art

ART BITE at the Nevada Museum of Art:

Meet the Artist: Lordy Rodriguez on Surface Depth

Friday, October 23 / noon


Lordy Rodriguez, Lake Land (Geological Series), May 2005.

Ink on paper, 32 x 46 in. Courtesy of the artist and Hosfelt

Gallery, San Francisco.

Lordy Rodriguez shares his exploration of topographies both real and imagined through hand-drawn maps that he designs using age-old mapmaking tools and a kaleidoscopic range of colors. His unique approach encourages viewers to reconsider the history of mapmaking, as well as our tendency to accept maps as wholly truthful and accurate representations of the land we all share.

Rodriguez, who was born in the Philippines and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, carefully crafts his drawings of desert lakes, drifting silt dunes, volcanic island chains, and underwater trenches in the tradition of early cartographers, using ordinary tools such as rulers and felt-tip marking pens. Unlike his predecessors, Rodriguez emphasizes repetitive stylized patterns and intense high-keyed colors rather than specific sites, territories, or boundary lines.

This exhibition is presented as part of the Art + Environment series, an initiative of the Nevada Museum of Art that brings together community, artists and scholars to explore the interaction between people and their environments.

Art Bites give attendees the opportunity to experience an informal and intimate introduction to works in the galleries over a short half-hour dialogue. Cost: $5 / $4 Museum members. The Art Bite series is supported in part by the Gabelli Foundation. http://nevadaart.activitytickets.com/relax/artbites/1006

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