LAND/ART openings: Equation: a balanced state?; Second Site; CLUI Display Facility

Katherine E. Bash, Fugue, featured in Equations: a balanced state?

516 ARTS announces three concurrent exhibitions for LAND/ART, all opening on Saturday, August 1, 6-8pm at 516 ARTS in Downtown Albuquerque. The three exhibitions are:
Equation: a balanced state?
Second Site at 515 ARTS
CLUI Display Facility, an off-site project with
the Center for Land Use Interpretation
Equation: a balanced state?

Ted Laredo, room, acrylic, canvas, wood, aluminum, lights, timer, 89” x 99” x 85.5”,
featured in Equations: a balanced state?

Curated by Thomas Cates of THE LAND/an art site, Equation: a balanced state? is a series of gallery installations exploring the virtual, built and natural environment, featuring artists Katherine E. Bash, Paula Castillo, Ted Laredo, David Niec and Mayumi Nishida. Each artist’s installation is a small environ-ment in itself, constructed to emphasize that in the present age of information and technology, our larger “natural“ environment is inter-related with other types of environments we inhabit. The exhibition includes digitally simulated waterfalls, built environments that glow in the dark and explorations of the division between day and night in the natural environment as observed in the night sky of New Mexico. Science, technology and the study of climate and land usage play an important role in the research and development of these art projects. The artists are working with two additional locations in the process of creating these works at 516 ARTS:
• Rural worksite and exhibition space at THE LAND/an art site near Mountainair, New Mexico
Site projects on view Sunday, August 2 starting at 2pm
For directions, call 505-242-1501
• THE LAND/gallery, 419 Granite NW, Downtown Albuquerque
Documentation and ephemera relating to site projects at 516 ARTS
August 1 - September 19
Reception: August 1, 4-6pm (preceding the opening at 516 ARTS)
For more information about THE LAND/an art site and THE LAND/gallery, visit
or call 505-242-1501.

Second Site

Basia Irland, receding / reseeding, 300 pound ice book sculpture with cottonwood seed text
photo by Claire Long
featured in "Second Site"

Second Site is an exhibition and reference site for LAND/ART, featuring related gallery installations, art works and information for many of the outdoor site projects including those presented by 516 ARTS and a selection of those presented by the City of Albuquerque Open Space, Bosque School, the Harwood Art Center, Richard Levy Gallery and UNM Art Museum. Artists include Anne Cooper, Bill Gilbert, Steve Peters, Jaune Quick-To-See Smith & Neal Ambrose Smith, the Center for Land Use Interpretation, Patrick Dougherty, Nina Dubois and Jeanette Hart-Mann, Nan Masland Erickson, Benjamin Forgey, Basia Irland, Marc Schmitz, Robert Wilson, and Chrissie Orr & Michelle Otero’s public art installation on the D-Ride buses. Second Site is curated by 516 ARTS.

CLUI Display Facility

The Center for Land Use Interpretation, From the CLUI Display Facility, CLUI Photo Archive

On August 1, 2009, The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) will open a site-specific landscape display facility on the fringes of Albuquerque. This facility will be located at a site that draws people into a part of the city that is not often visited. Inside will be information about the region, including an exhibit about the New Mexico landscape. The facility will be open to the public during regularly scheduled hours, over the course of the Second Site exhibition at 516 ARTS, which is sponsoring this project. Information on visiting the facility, including directions and hours, will be available at the Second Site exhibition at 516 ARTS.


Saturday, Aug. 1, 6-8pm: Opening reception at 516 ARTS preceded by reception at THE LAND/gallery, 4-6pm

Sunday, Aug. 2, 9am - noon: Trip to the CLUI Display Facility with CLUI director Matt Coolidge, departs from the Albuquerque Museum, $10, pre-register with 516 ARTS, space is limited

Sunday, Aug. 2, 2pm on: Equation site projects at THE LAND/an art site in Mountainair, call 505-242-1501 for directions

Saturday, Sept. 12, 2pm: Gallery Talk at 516 ARTS

WHERE: 516 ARTS, 516 Central Ave. SW, Downtown Albuquerque, open Tue - Sat, 12-5pm

CLUI Display Facility, an off-site art project
Location and public hours to be announced at the opening of Second Site

THE LAND/gallery, 419 Granite NW, Albuquerque, 505-242-1501,

MORE INFO: Suzanne Sbarge • t. 505-242-1445 • e. •

photos from the openings can be viewed here

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