Hudson Valley Artists 2009: Ecotones and Transition Zones

A new exhibition at the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz

"This year's SDMA exhibition of work by emerging area artists surveys connections between culture and environment. Museum curator Brian Wallace selected 21 artists/artist teams from the mid-Hudson Valley and organized an exhibition featuring artwork, information, presentations, activities, and other projects connecting global issues such as sustainability, ecological awareness, and bioethics to our immediate surroundings.

asbill boat
Michael Asbill, Practice Vessel (hull), 2008

New Paltz is an ecotone, a place where overlapping natural and social ecologies—the river and the mountains, the cosmopolitan and the rural—exist in a fragile tension. The artworks and art historical narratives associated with this region suggest the great opportunities (and responsibilities) that area artists, residents, and visitors have to visualize and act upon opportunities to contribute to a better world.

One component of the exhibition, Habitat for Artists, will offer temporary studio space in repurposed structures in several locations in New Paltz." Learn more on the SDMA site


Bob Capozzi, Processing / Patterning: 1A, 200

Artists featured in the exhibition:

Michael Asbill
Robert Capozzi
Robert Capozzi / Lorrie Fredette / Dylan McManus / Laura Moriarty / Jill Parisi
Ryder Cooley
Dick Crenson
Simon Draper / Habitat for Artists
Dana Duke
Beth Humphrey
Heather Hutchison
Tanya Marcuse
Susan Miiller
Wayne Montecalvo
Itty Neuhaus
Franc Palaia
J. Gilbert Plantinga
Emily Puthoff
Jill Reynolds
Ryan Roa
Camilo Rojas
Thomas Sarrantonio
Ida Weygandt

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