LAND/ART announces a public art installation on ABQ Ride's D-Ride buses

In Albuquerque during July - September, 516 ARTS presents a public art installation of El Otro Lado: The Other Side - Albuquerque on the free D-Ride buses which loop around Downtown.

During the spring, 516 ARTS, in partnership with the Academy for the Love of Learning, offered intergenerational workshops in Bernalillo County Community Centers with writer Michelle Otero and artist Chrissie Orr in collaboration with the organization Connecting Community Voices. The participants and guest artists developed symbolic maps/cartograms, visual representations and audio recordings of their stories, journeys, landmarks, boundaries and their sense of place and home in the land.

These images are now being displayed on the interior of ABQ Ride’s D-Ride buses along with an audio component so bus riders can listen to participants telling their own stories (via cell phone, call 505-515-0032).

The D-Ride travels a loop around Downtown and can be picked up at many locations including the Alvarado Transportation Center at 1st & Gold and at 5th & Central near 516 ARTS. It runs 6:30am to 7pm, and arrives every 7 minutes. For information, call 243-RIDE.

In Santa Fe, the public art installation is on view in various locations June 28 through October. Brochures, map of locations and info are available for download at, or call 505-995-1860. El Otro Lado: The Other Side is a project of the Academy for the Love of Learning and is supported by the Santa Fe Art Institute and the City of Santa Fe Public Art Loan Program. In Albuquerque, it is supported by 516 ARTS, the Bernalillo County Art Program, ABQ Ride and Connecting Community Voices.

WHEN: July 13 - September 19, 2009
WHERE: on ABQ Ride’s free D-Ride buses
looping every 7 minutes around Downtown Albuquerque
EVENT: 516 WORDS: Saturday, August 29, 8pm at 516 ARTS
Storytelling event hosted by poet Michelle Otero, featuring the work of project participants presented by by local poets


MORE INFO: Suzanne Sbarge • t. 505-242-1445 • e. •

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