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smudge studio's Edges of Feasibility project, Rachel NV

We welcome you to smudge studio's new media initiative--a hybrid of blog and periodic web exhibitions.

Our new blog sifts, bridges, maps, and cross-pollinates networks among an expanding field of artists + environments. We offer the site as a generative media resource for a growing network of contemporary artists, designers, urban planners, researchers, and scientists variously referred to as “New Land Arts," “Artists/Designers + Environments,” or "land use interpretation."

We launch the blog with smudge-generated posts of ideas, works, news, conversations, and provocations relevant to this emerging field. Also, in collaboration with and thanks to the Land Arts of the American West program, we launch with selected announcements of events, exhibitions, and opportunities posted to their Land Arts Listserve. Finally, we launch with a web exhibition in the making--a response to our upcoming work with the LAND/ART project in New Mexico this summer.

With this blog/web exhibition, we hope to give you a dynamic image of the emerging "field | practices" of land arts + land use interpretation + artists + (built) environments + design. We want to help map its expansion even as it (happily) heads off the map.

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