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Barbara Palomino (Incubo), Gonzalo Pedraza (Incubo) and Chris Taylor (Land Arts of the American West)

Posted on Listserv on April 11, 2009 4:06:21 PM EDT

Ahoy all,

The Land Arts and Incubo Atacama Lab panel discussion yesterday at Parsons was well attended and received. It was great to see alumni from the program---thanks Jessica, Amanda, Chappell, and Alex for making the effort. The event was video tapped and will be posted on the School of Design Strategies at some point soon. I know some of you asked about that and I'll send out the link as soon as it's live.

Yesterday was an interesting day at the New School. I arrived as the police were shutting down the intersection of 5th Avenue and 13th Street. After talking my way through two police barricades I made it inside and upstairs where I was scheduled to visit with a studio Cameron Tonkinwise is co-teaching. Evidently earlier Friday morning a group of student protesters had occupied the building catty-corner across the intersection. From Cameron's studio we could see the police continue to amass (there were easily over 100) and prepare to retake the building. This involved getting up on the roof to remove the protest banners left by the student group and to cover the security cameras. My first thought of course was how are we going to have a panel discussion with our visitors from Chile in a building nearly inaccessible to the public on account of the police blockade. . . Well fortunately for the panel the stand off ended some time during lunch and the majority of police presence (and their riot control units) left. The Chileans took the whole episode as an homage and thought of it as a welcoming gesture. Unfortunately for the protesters some the police response got a bit out of hand----dueling videos can be found here.

Chris Taylor

All in all it was a very successful day for Land Arts and Incubo. Many thanks to Miodrag Mitrasinovic for organizing and putting the event together, to Joel Towers, Dean of the School of Design Strategies, for a wonderful introduction and contextualization relative to the new programmatic initiatives at the New School, to Carin Kuoni, Director of the Vera List Center, for serving as an outstanding moderator and respondent, and to Flora Vilches and the members of Incubo, Josefina Guilisasti, Bárbara Palomino, and Gonzalo Pedraza, for traveling from Santiago to share their work.

As I mentioned on Thursday a shipment of the books documenting the Chile project arrived in Lubbock last week, so orders through Amazon should be filled in a relatively timely manner. . . .
Info here.

Travel well,

c h r i s t a y l o r
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