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This past week we found out about four new books related to the expanding field of art + environment: Incubo Atacama Lab, Land Arts of the American West, Geoff Manaugh's BLDG BLOG, and William L. Fox's Aereality. This watershed of reading material and visual stimulation convinces us even more that the expanding field is indeed exploding with creative energy and has established material momentum. These books' development and production, and the experiences they recount, testify to years of travel, collaboration, transdisciplinary exchange, field work and reflection. Together--they offer an opportunity to read across this emerging field and its varied manifestations. We look forward to reviewing all four (on this blog) in the coming weeks. In the meantime, you can place orders for each here: Incubo Atacama Lab, Land Arts of the American West, BLDG BLOG book, Aereality.

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