CREATIVE ECOLOGIES: A Group Residency + Public Conversation

Creative Ecologies
A Group Residency + Public Conversation

Sunday, March 6, 1PM Learn more
Admission FREE
Mess Hall Cafe Open

Reservations are not required, but we invite you to click here as a courtesy RSVP
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Join us for Creative Ecologies, a round table discussion and presentation by artists and creative thinkers from across the country who address the complex relationship between humans, cultural production, and the natural environment. As part of a new programming initiative exploring ways that residencies catalyze collaboration, participants spend two weeks in residence at Headlands leading up to the event, living, thinking, and working together.

As a group, participants will examine issues on-site in the Marin Headlands portion of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area, in the greater Bay Area, and throughout the world-at-large. Areas of exploration include New Definitions of the Commons: Land Use & Appropriation; Larger Cycles of Resource Management: Waste Disposal and Recycling; Big Bad By-Products: Toxic Waste Prevention and Mitigation; Alternative Systems of Sustainable Agriculture & Human Foodways; How Far Do We Go? Urban Growth & its Limits.

T. Allan Comp (AIR '00), U.S. Department of the Interior
Amy Franceschini (AIR '03), Future Farmer and artist
Cynthia Hooper Eco-artist
Patricia Johanson Environmental artist
Philip Ross (AIR '03) Critter Salon founder and mushroom artist
Susan Thering Professor of Landscape Architecture, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison
Daniel Tucker AREA Chicago co-founder
Rosten Woo Founder and Former Executive Director Center for Urban Pedagogy

Directions to Headlands
Click here for directions to Headlands by car or bike. Parking is available on site.
The MUNI 76 bus runs between San Francisco and Headlands on Sundays.
Finally, we encourage folks to coordinate "casual carpools" via the event's Facebook page!

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