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Call for entries now OPEN!

Translocated is currently seeking contributions from artists whose work engages with cities and the spatial imaginary, across a wide scope of forms and practices that embrace, question and enrich our understanding of and relationship to urban space.

The project is traversed by the following themes and preliminary key questions:

  • How is our understanding of a city shaped, by the combined effects of experience, representations, memory and myth?
  • What kind of relationship is formed between people and place? How is urban space appropriated by its inhabitants? What makes it (un-)pleasurable?
  • What boundaries are at play in the city, between the personal and the collective, the visible and the invisible? What ways are there to read / write space and to look at the spatial practices / narratives inscribed within a place?
  • What relationships exist between city and language, space and semantics?
  • What is the meaning of home in the age of globalisation? What is the purpose of travel and tourism? How can the exotic be relocated within the everyday?

For more information, please download our call for entries, or get in touch by email at contact [at]translocated [dot] org.

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