Journal of Aesthetics and Protest: printed matter Submission Call

1. Pamphleteer Submission Call

We are participating in...
Printed Matter's 2010 New York Art Book Fair at PS1.

In the spirit of our open policy, we are seeking pamphleteers and collectors whose documents
should be seen by the likes of both New York's literati and collecting classes.

We aim to collect a bunch of small-run stuff that you, exposing what our readers and contributors have been thinking
about. We also see this as a chance for research- a chance to learn what you have been putting together.

We are looking for two classes of submissions;

1. Small booklets for sale or distro(or to be handed out.)
We are looking for booklets of unique research or that are from or about uniquely political subjectivities.
Singular objects or mass produced
Researched projects, unique collections would be amazing.

2. 1 page pamphlets/posters- displayed/handed out or sold.
Ideally, the pamphlets we gather here have been or will have been distributed in some form outside of this context.
a. We are looking for a contradiction of grounded, critical, incendiary, popular and unique voices to be thrown into the mix of the public
b. We are not necessarily looking for stuff you've made. If you've collected an outstanding flyer, now would be an opportunity for you to
share it.

To Submit
subject heading: pamphlets
provide: description, size, jpg image, price per copy(if any).

If Accepted
We will provide you a mailing address to which you will ship agreed upon number of items.
We will offer you at least 70% of sales on your item.
We can only return items with self-addressed/stamped envelopes.

Please respond by October 11th.

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