We welcome new and bold ideas for the 20 plus art pieces we will be capturing via satellite on November 27th + 28th

Because this is a unique collaboration between artists and, we invite artists to participate at all levels from conceptualizing an idea that we execute on our own, to designing a piece and being physically on site to facilitate the piece being realized.

Below are some basic guidelines that will increase the likelihood of the art being successfully captured by satellite. We encourage creative visions and therefore invite artists to suggest ideas that might not exactly fit the guidelines below.

SIZE - The ideal minimum size for capturing the art via satellite is roughly equivalent to a soccer field, e.g. 120 yards x 75 yards or 110 meters x 70 meters.

MATERIALS – We respect that many of you use specific materials for your work. For your medium for this unique collaboration, we invite you to incorporate the people throughout the world who make up 350’s amazing international grassroots network. In some regions of the world has a very strong presence and can bring 1,000 plus people to participate in your art.

Note: If you would like to use or incorporate materials into the sculpture, we recommend that you use waterproof materials that can withstand the outdoor elements.

CONTRAST – is what make the images pop from afar so any piece that involves sharp color or shape contrast is fantastic.

TIME OF DAY – The satellite images can be taken during the day or at night. (If you’re considering a nighttime installation involving illumination, we encourage artists to use light sources that are not energy intensive. We would be happy to brainstorm ideas with you.)


Although cannot monetarily compensate artists, we can support and augment your work in a multitude of ways:

MATERIALS: As noted above, has an international grassroots network of people who can serve as the medium for your piece. Please note that’s presence varies based on geographical location. We would be happy to discuss which region you would like to showcase your piece in, how many people on the ground will be available to participate in the piece, the specific topography of the region etc.

REGIONAL COORDINATORS: has regional coordinators who can provide on the ground volunteers to help facilitate creating your art piece. This includes scouting locations, helping secure permits, organizing the volunteers who will make up your art piece etc.

GLOBAL COORDINATOR: A global coordinator will be managing the art project from inception through the to weekend of the launch.


CREATION of ART – We are currently talking to various photographers and cinematographers about documenting the creative process involved in bringing these visions to life. The idea is to use these images and footage as part of a multi-media piece we are creating as well as to offer these images and footage to mainstream press on the weekend of the reveal. Artists will be provided free copies of all images and video footage generated of their art by photographers and cinematographers collaborating with

ON-SITE NOV 27 + 28 – The goal is to provide an aerial shot of the piece (satellite), as well as close up on the ground photos (and where feasible, video), of the art and people involved. Artists will be provided free copies of all images and video footage generated of their art by photographers and cinematographers collaborating with

PRESS - has a stellar communications team with a successful track record of garnering press for their international actions. For example, last October 24, 2009, coordinated 5200 simultaneous demonstrations around the world, what CNN called ‘the most widespread day of political action in the planet’s history’ on any issue. Due to communications team, these actions were also widely covered by a wealth of media outlets from local to global media giants like CNN. We have already begun discussions with and YouTube about featuring the art pieces on their websites the weekend of the reveal.


We appreciate that the above information is just a slice of the information you need for creating an art piece. Because we don’t want to overwhelm you, we sought to keep this introduction simple. We would be more than happy to provide you additional information, field any additional questions you might have etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact us: 415.845.6330

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