Emerging Landscapes Conference

Emerging Landscapes

This conference is a joint venture between the School of Architecture and the Built Environment and the School of Media, Arts, and Design, University of Westminster.

Dates: 25 - 27 June 2010

The past thirty years have witnessed social, geopolitical, technological, and economic change on a global scale. Alongside these shifts, landscape has also changed its nature. Focusing primarily, not not exclusively, on the synergies between the disciplines of photographer and architecture, this international and interdisciplinary conference will examine and critically reassess the interface between production and representation in the creation of contemporary landscape.

Emerging Landscapes asks practitioners, writers, critics, artists, and others working in the broad fields of the built environment (ie: architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design) and the represented environment (ie: photography, film, and the visual arts) to reconsider the idea of landscape by interrogating the relationship between space and image; to explore the synergies that exist between landscape representation - the imaginary and symbolic shaping of the human environment - the landscape production - the physical and material changes wrought on the land.

See http://www.emerginglandscapes.org.uk/ for more information and schedule.

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