A High Desert Test Sites Lecture & Workshop Series: The New Everyday Life

A High Desert Test Sites Lecture & Workshop Series

HDTS Headquarters
6470 Veterans Way
Joshua Tree, CA 92252


Join us for our premier pilot weekend of The New Everyday Life, a lecture and workshop series that will commence Saturday May 1st-Sunday May 2nd 2010.

In keeping with the HDTS mission to create truly alternative spaces for art that challenges traditional conventions of ownership, presentation and patronage, The New Everyday Life will bring together guest artists and participants whose talent and knowledge varies widely but who all share a desire to approach daily life with a blend of both experimental and practical thinking. For our weekend-long symposium that includes four workshops and an open-air dinner, we will enroll twelve students in an immersive suite of 2 hour classes held in special locations in and around the Morongo Basin.

The New Everyday Live is an endeavor designed to both stimulate conversation and catalyze action by considering overlap between contemporary art and craft, sustainable living, survival skills, ecology and earth science, and cultural variation. Each participant in The New Everyday Life will leave with a new set of skills and inspirations, after intimately experiencing the Mojave desert’s unique context for life and living.


Saturday May 1st

12:00. Meet for introduction and driving maps at the HDTS Headquarters in sunny downtown Joshua Tree.

12:30 – 2:30 Visit Wells Pollock in his school bus leather working studio encampment on the edge of the marine base and learn how to do bootleg leatherworking using readily available household tools and implements.

3:30 – 5:30 Hang out with Trinie Dalton at A-Z West Cabin and practice bookmaking stitches to make a book about your experience of the desert. (Note: Dalton will contact participants in advance about prep, supplies, and other details to maximize stitch-learning time. Beginners to advanced bookmakers welcome.)

6:30 – 9:30 Travel to section six with Chantale Doyle to learn more about how she lived for one year in her vegi-oil powered VW Vanagon while supporting herself by selling on ebay.

Dinner. Chantale will fix everyone an exotic fish taco dinner on her van's cookstove.

Sunday May 2nd

12:00 – 2:00: Meet on the patio of A-Z West for a beer-making workshop with Katie Grinnan and a goodbye toast with her special honey basil, peach, and ginger brews.


Chantale Doyle is an artist who lives in the Mojave desert near Joshua Tree. In 2007 Doyle spent a year living and traveling in a Volkswagen van powered by waste vegetable oil, which she learned to collect from dumpsters and filter to use as fuel for her vehicle. While traveling through twenty-four states and three provinces, Doyle created an exhibition of drawings that was shown in Japan, Canada and California in 2009. Doyle is now at work on a book about her experiences and continuing her efforts to live in a manner that nurtures creative independence. She owns Mt. Fuji General Store, next door to the HDTS headquarters.

For more info: http://web.mac.com/chandoyle/Site/Events/Entries/2009/10/18_Chantale_Doyle.html


Wells Pollock was born on a Minnesota commune. Before moving to Joshua Tree to start a goat farm, he lived in New York City, the Mississippi River Valley, Spain, Holland and San Francisco, organizing experimental film screenings and music events. As a performance artist he once threw a year-long conceptual art and psychic orgy in Iowa City. He’s done everything from renovating a 16th century goat shack in southern Spain to cooking on a squatted boat in Amsterdam. He learned leatherworking at an S&M factory in San Francisco. Of this he says, “Leatherworking is one of humankind's most basic crafts. Unfortunately, most of it now doesn't match up with anybody's visions. My goal is to help people realize their dreams of belts, collars, wristbands and so much more. I like making things that are beautiful, functional and that my friends can still afford! Most of the leather I use is salvaged and I am working on designing my own hardware.” Pollock lives in a renovated school bus on the Copper Mountain Mesa.

Trinie Dalton has authored, curated, and/or co-edited five books: Wide Eyed (Akashic), A Unicorn Is Born (Abrams), Dear New Girl or Whatever Your Name Is (McSweeney's), Mythtym (Picturebox) and Sweet Tomb (Madras Press). Her books vary between pure text and experiments with art + image. She teaches bookarts at NYU and Pratt, and exhibits or builds lectures around her handmade books’ subject matter. Her most recent event/exhibitions were at Deitch Projects in New York for Gelatin’s PIG Sunday School series, and at Las Cienegas Projects in Los Angeles. Her next book will be published by Ecstatic Peace Library.

For more info: http://sweettomb.com/

Katie Grinnan is an internationally exhibiting artist from Los Angeles. Her work focuses on using imagery and physicality to exploit the alchemical nature of perception and space. Her interest in making beer began by happenstance, stopping into a beer making shop and realizing that beer is a sort of homespun alchemical process. It's everyday magic. Her beer is called Wizard Brew.



The cost is $120 per person for the weekend that includes Chantale's fish taco dinner. All proceeds are used to cover basic event expenses and to pay the speakers.


Due to the intimate nature of this event the group will be limited to twelve people. No application is needed, but spaces will be filled on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to enroll please email info.hdts@gmail.com – you will be emailed instructions so that you can pay via Paypal, the first 12 people who pay will be signed up for the course.


A limited amount of campsites are available on Zittel’s property, and can be pre-arranged with the host on a first come, first serve basis. Alternately, camping in Joshua Tree National Park or staying in a local hotel are excellent options. For lodging recommendations please visit the HDTS website’s Directions page.

For future updates and event listings for future incarnations of The New Everyday Life email us at info.hdts@gmail.com

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