New Works: Experiential Geography 101

EXPERIENTIAL GEOGRAPHY 101 is a journey deep inside KARL CRONIN's idiosyncratic research, presented with footnotes and nerdy flare. A mash-up of performance, natural history lecture, and cognitive science experiment, this is dance masquerading as a graduate seminar. Through movement, spoken word, and film, the beauty of our natural world is revealed one layer at a time.


KARL CRONIN is a NYC-based movement artist who is creating and performing a Somatic Natural History Archive of the USA. Each day he spends time with a different plant or animal species, and then brings his experiences back to the studio where he creates a movement sketch. New archive entries are presented in a weekly, free performance offering. This work is a direct result of creative research support provided by the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art Nature and Dance (iLAND- NYC), Movement Research (NYC), and the Santa Fe Art Institute (NM).

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