Land Art Competition


The summarized design brief for the competition is to design a public art installation for one of three pre-selected sites that fulfills all of the following criteria:

Is a three dimensional form that has the ability to stimulate and challenge the mind of the viewer on a contemplative level.

Embodies a sense of beauty and concept in its built form that is derived from the artistic sensitivities of the design team and from an acute attention to details.

Captures energy from nature, converts it into electricity, and has the ability to store, and/or transform and transmit electrical power to a power grid connection point to be supplied by others.

Does not create secondary emissions other than electricity and does not pollute its surroundings.

Is safe to people who would view it. Consideration must be made for viewing platforms and boundaries between public and restricted areas.

Is pragmatic and constructable within reason and employs technology that can be scalable and tested. There is no limit on the type of technology or the proprietary nature of the technology. The Land Art Generator Initiative will endeavor to reach contractual agreements with any company and/or patent holder that is specified as a part of a successful design entry. It is recommended that the design team make an effort to engage such entities in preliminary dialog as a part of their own research and development of the design entry..

Does not negatively impact the natural surroundings. Each entry should provide an environmental impact study and mitigation strategy in order to determine the effects of the project on the ecosystem into which the installation is to be constructed.

Uses all or any portion of the site. There is no requirement or restriction on size other than those of the plot limits themselves and the environmental footprint of the design.


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