There is an opening reception today from 1:00-4:00 p.m. for LAND/ART at the OPEN SPACE VISITOR CENTER. To learn more and find directions visit the Open Space website here.

Matthew Chase-Daniel's Tumbleweed Pole, one of three Pole Sculptures created for LAND/ART

His work is described as, "An installation of three pole sculptures composed from natural, locally-gathered materials of the Bosque. "Like a political flag, the sculpture also functions as a signpost. An allegiance to and an alliance with the natural world is expressed, raised high for all to see."

Cube in progress

Robert Wilson is another artist participating in the OPEN SPACE project. His installation is, "made from a segment of fallen cottonwood trunk at its core, and reclaimed heavy-gauge wire coiled sparingly into open rectangular building blocks that will surround the trunk. The significance of Cube is in its symbolic representation of the Rio Grande Bosque: a preserved natural corridor coursing through the urbanization of the Albuquerque Metropolitan area. The cottonwood represents this life-giving habitat."

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