Art In America reviews LAND/ART

Sarah S. King reviews LAND/ART in the current issue of Art in America. In an article entitled "The Earth Sublime," she situates LAND/ART within the evolving practices of environmental, land, and earth art. She says that like those practices, the works included in LAND/ART encompass "myriad approaches that integrate esthetically based practices with new technology and scientific fieldwork." She continues:
The new land art, often expressed in temporal processes rather than monumentally scaled physical interventions, seeks to engender a renewed awareness of the world we inhabit and how we transform it, for better or worse. Since the ’90s, “earth art” has encompassed microscopic realms and underground and underwater terrains, and incorporated outer space and cyberspace. Characterized by terms like “psycho-geology,” “geo-philosophy,” “geo-poetry” and “experimental geography,” the work uses such tools as mobile laboratories or performative “walks” to investigate land usage and geological and urban phenomena."

You can read her entire review here.

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