Eve Andree Laramee and Kim Stringfellow at the SFAI

Eve Andree Laramee

Friday, April 29
6pm Tipton Hall

Invisible Fire: Mapping our Atomic Legacy
Saturday & Sunday, April 30 & May 1
April 22 - May 31
Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm
SFAI Gallery 1

Eve Andree Laramee
Kim Stringfellow

As part of the Santa Fe Art Institute's ongoing season "Half Life: Patterns of Change," we are proud to present interdisciplinary artist and educator, Eve Adree Laramee to lecture at Tipton Hall on Friday, April 29 at 6pm. Eve will also hold a workshop Saturday and Sunday April 30th & May 1st.

Eve Andree Laramee is an interdisciplinary artist and researcher, and activist working at the confluence of art and science, specializing in the environmental and health impacts of Cold War atomic legacy sites.

At her lecture, Eve will be speaking about her most recent projects dealing with the environmental and health impacts of our atomic legacy, including her 2009 installation, "Halfway to Invisible" about uranium mining in the Grants, NM area; and her current work in progress, "Slouching Towards Yucca Mountain" a Sci-Fi Western dealing with the problem of radioactive waste from the nuclear power industry and nuclear weapons.

The lecture/workshop will also expand upon her collaborations with environmental scientists mapping the waterborne radioactive plume beneath the Fernald uranium foundry site in Ohio; and a water filter project in collaboration with a materials scientist. Workshop participants will visit the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, and if access is permitted, Kirtland Airforce Base.

Kim Stringfellow

In addition, we are showing the work of Eve Andree Laramee and Kim Stringfellow at the SFAI from April 22nd through May 31st.

The SFAI's 2011-2012 season Half Life explores patterns of change in social, cultural, civic, environmental and artistic systems.

For more info visit the SFAI blog or website, or call (505) 424-5050.

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