Debra Bloomfield's Wilderness Series

Richard Levy Gallery is pleased to present a selection of photographs from Debra Bloomfield's latest project, The Wilderness Series. Over the past few years, Debra Bloomfield has focused her camera on the wilderness areas of southeast Alaska developing a series of sublime images that gently remind us of the importance of wilderness preservation in a time when our environmental impact is greater than ever. In an effort to support conservation and raise awareness, Richard Levy Gallery is donating a portion from all 2010 sales of this series to The Wilderness Society.

The Wilderness Series edition information:
13 x 19 inch (11 x 11 image) ed. of 15
20 x 24 inch (19 X 19 image) ed. of 25
38 x 39 inch (29.5 X 29.5 image) ed. of 12

Founded in 1935, The Wilderness Society a leading American conservation organization and has been involved with every major public land bill since their founding, including the National Forest Management Act, the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the National Trails Act, and the National Wildlife Refuge Improvement Act. The Wilderness Society strives to protect our wild places, improve land and resource management, and inspire Americans to care for their lands all over the United States. More recently, The Wilderness Society has
tackled some of today's most significant issues such as climate change, global warming, the Gulf oil disaster restoration, renewable energy, and countless others. More information about the Wilderness Society can be found by following this link:

Please contact the gallery for pricing, further Wilderness Series edition details, and information on how your acquisition supports The Wilderness Society. Images are also available on our website at

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