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Bill Gilbert: Physiocartographies Now Open
Through September 26

Bill Gilbert's exhibition of walking maps, Physiocartographies, traces his attempts to hike predetermined routes through varied terrain, inevitably frustrated by weather, topography, and the limits of his own body. Handwriting and audio recordings overlay enlarged topographical maps, living proof that "the map is not the territory." more >
Museum Receives Selection of Lita Albuquerque Archives

The newest collection to join the CA+E Archive will be materials from Lita Albuquerque's Stellar Axis. Stay tuned for the Museum’s public exhibition of this important work, the first large-scale installation made in the Antarctic. more >
Blogging from Australia

Watch for forthcoming blogs by CA+E Director Bill Fox, who this month and next will again be traveling through New Zealand and Australia meeting artists, collecting archive materials, and visiting remote Aboriginal art centers in the deserts of Western Australia.more >
Chinese Economics and Yang Yongliang

Don’t miss Views From China: Yang Yongliang and the Modern Metropolis, the first-ever American museum exhibition of Yang Yongliang’s haunting images of Chinese landscapes, recalling traditional Chinese paintings in the form of contemporary digital imagery. Join Elliott Parker for a discussion of Chinese economics and Yongliang’s work June 4. more >
“Placing Space | Spacing Place”
New Videos on the Art + Environment Social Network

Six new videos of the “Placing Space | Spacing Place” panel at the Art + Environment Conference are now available on the Art + Environment Social Network. This session brought together individuals who have worked to develop interdisciplinary networks of artists, designers, and scholars to explore the nature of place and placelessness. Videos feature William L. Fox, Bill Gilbert, Matthew Coolidge, Cheryl Haines, and Geoff Manaugh. more >


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