Take Back the Lawn: Fritz Haeg on Redesigning Landscape
Video from the Art + Environment Conference (watch the video here)

Art and Infrastructure: Patricia Johanson and Petaluma Wetlands Park
Opening September 19 (read more)

Black Rock Design Institute: E Cobb Architects
Thursday, September 24 / 6 pm (read more here)

Land Arts of the American West Archives

"The CA+E Archive has received the first materials from the Land Arts of the American West, an international field-studies program that takes students and artists across the region to study and create art. Participants work at sites ranging from the Anasazi ruins at Chaco Canyon to Michael Heizer's sculpture Double Negative. Started in 2000, Land Arts of the American West is the largest and most developed program of its kind in the United States, and we're gratified to add materials from the program to the archives." -
Link to the museum site for more info.

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