Maya Lin's Monumental Earthwork: Wavefield at Storm King Art Center

A monumental work of land art or "earth art", as New York Times reviewer Holland Cotter calls it, was unveiled this weekend at Storm King Art Center, just outside of New York City in Mountainville. Maya Lin's “Storm King Wavefield” is the third and last in her series of wavefields. It is also the largest: a 240,000 square feet earthwork taking up four acres, with heights of 15 feet.

Storm King says this about the work:
. . . the largest site-specific earthwork created to date by acclaimed artist and environmentalist Maya Lin. Occupying an eleven-acre site that was a gravel pit until Ms. Lin reclaimed it for the work, the ambitious Storm King Wavefield comprises seven rows—each over 300 feet long—of carefully scaled, undulating hills that give the appearance of ocean waves.

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